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Wyoming's Most Significant Artifacts


    Welcome to Wyoming’s Most Significant Artifacts program. It was launched in 2015 by the Wyoming State Historical Society in partnership with the University of Wyoming Libraries in celebration of 125 years of Wyoming Statehood. We plan to make it an annual effort. Its purpose is to provide recognition to the cultural institutions throughout Wyoming that preserve and provide access to collections that enhance our enjoyment and understanding of Wyoming’s heritage and provide ongoing learning and research opportunities.

    The program involves identifying some of our state’s most treasured artifacts. An artifact is defined as an artistic or historic item (or related group of items) and may include a wide variety of items such as documents, books, photographs, recordings, artwork, and 3 dimensional items. It does not include structures or buildings.

    Representatives of Wyoming’s archives, historical societies, libraries and museums across the state are allowed to nominate one item from their collection that they believe has significance to Wyoming’ s history. An independent panel of judges reviews the initial nominations and selects twenty-five candidates. The public is then given the opportunity to vote for their favorite artifact.

    Current Status:

    Winners Selected see them here or browse to them through the "artifacts" link above.

    For further information regarding this program please contact Tamsen Hert or Venice Beske.