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Acceptable Use of eResources

Access and use of electronic resources provided by the UW Libraries are governed by publisher license agreements. These legal contracts allow UW students, staff, and faculty to read, download, and/or print electronic content for non-commercial, educational, or personal research purposes. Users of library-licensed resources must comply with the terms of agreements and be aware that publishers may monitor use of electronic resources to enforce the terms of their licensing agreements. Violation of license may lead the University to impose on an individual the sanctions provided in UniReg 690 or a publisher or vendor to turn off the University's access without warning.

In order to assist library users to use the Libraries' electronic resources responsibly, we have summarized typical license provisions:

  • Users may not facilitate unauthorized access by others, specifically; they may not share their computer account passwords.
  • Users may not engage in systematic downloading of licensed content (for example, downloading entire issues of electronic journals or large-scale downloading from databases to create other collections of data).
  • Users may not distribute copies of material to individuals or groups outside the University of Wyoming.
  • Users may not share client software used to search licensed resources with individuals or groups outside the University of Wyoming.
  • Users should give proper attribution when quoting from material.

Licenses often prohibit the downloading and posting of licensed content, even if used for course websites or course reserves. In general, it is preferable to link to articles (with an appropriate authentication mechanism) rather than downloading and posting articles to a server - see Creating Links to Articles and Books. The Libraries' electronic reserve staff can assist faculty in providing appropriate access to licensed material for educational purposes.

Additional details about acceptable use of electronic resources can be found on the resource's website under 'Terms and Conditions'. In cases where answers are not readily available or questions regarding copyright law, contact the Libraries' Research & Instruction Department. Additional information regarding acceptable use of UW licensed resources is governed by University Regulation 690 (pdf).

Please read the copyright notice.